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About ME? Finished graduate school and now just hanging about in my hometown. Sad, huh?

Let me see if there is anything else of import to tell you? I absolutely adore books, buying and reading them. It's hard to name a sole favorite because, as is often the case, many have taken my fancy. However, I must mention one fantasy series: The Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop. Without a doubt, I have read these books COUNTLESS times. During anytime of the day, I'll pick up one of the books to reread a section--low and behold, I am half-way through the book before I realize it!

I also enjoy most genres of music and listen avidly to Dance will working out at the gym. I have some artistic talent, though I rarely dabble in it these days. My favorite color is red, which as a dark-haired, dark-eyed lady is my most flattering color.

Oh yeah. My first name is Kathryn. :)